Central Bedfordshire Council operates a three tier system of education.  Children begin their education at a Lower School in Year R and transfer to Middle School at the end of Year 4 and then transfer to Upper School at the end of Year 8.
Lower School Year R – Year 4
Middle School Year 5 – Year 8
Upper School Year 9 – Year 13
For residents of the Southern Leighton Buzzard and Sandhills developments, your nearest nurseries and schools are:

Cedars Nursery

Greenleas School, Kestrel Way & Clipstone Park Lower Schools

Brooklands & Leighton Middle School

Cedars & Vandyke Upper Schools

For full contact details please see below.

Although many parents request a place at their local or catchment area school, parents do have the right to express a preference for a school which is not within their catchment.  Places can be offered if there is space available, however if the number of requests exceed the number of places available, places are allocated in accordance with the admissions criteria for the school.

For more information visit call 01234 228 140.