VIX Display Screens


The Vix Home display is an interactive, energy efficient display with a number of key benefits for you. It is designed to support sustainable developments and the promotion of a greener environment and you are one of the very first homeowners to enjoy real-time public transport information on a dedicated display in your home. Delivered in partnership with Arnold White Estates and Central Bedfordshire Council, the energy efficient home display will be installed in all new homes on this development.
If you have any queries about the displays please email or to help you get started click here for your Quick Start Guide and User Guide
This display runs off minimal electricity and when not being used goies into ‘sleep mode’ so you don’t need to worry about this costing a lot of money to run. Over the course on one year this is likely to add just £5 to your overall electricity bill and the benefits far outweigh this.


Simple to use touch screen display

Access arrival and departure information for public transport

View real-time departure information for your nearest bus stop and receive the latest messages about the service

Displays real-time local weather, news and relevant local information

Displays local cycle routes, footpaths, local places of interest with time and distance information

Set up new users and create personal alerts

Display of train information, where enabled.

Access to local community information via the bulletin board:

This display screen is easy to use and helps you to keep on top of real-time bus arrival and departure times so you need never miss out again.


Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the display’s functionality. You may wish to get in the habit of checking the bulletin board to ensure that you are kept up to date with the latest local community information. We would also encourage you to make use of the personal alert facility which can be used to inform you when your chosen bus is due to arrive at your designated stop. For further information on using your display please refer to the user manual provided.


Real Time Public Transport The family is alerted to their preferred bus service, including any delays, therefore saving waiting time.

Car Alternatives Facilitates a more effective use of cars by promoting local car club and car share schemes; therefore saving the cost of petrol.

News & Weather Accepts RSS feeds from internet based sources such as the BBC. This means that local news and weather information is displayed with real-time updates. Therefore, you can choose to walk, cycle or use the bus knowing what the weather will be for the day.